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Join us for a presentation of Men in Focus: unpacking masculinities and engaging men in the prevention of violence against women, by Dr Shane Tas, Senior Policy Advisor, Masculinities at Our Watch.

Men in Focus provides a deeper understanding of the links between dominant forms and patterns of masculinity and violence against women. It explores how challenging these patterns and effectively engaging men and boys can contribute to primary prevention efforts, and it establishes some guiding principles to support policy makers and practitioners in this work.

Shane will present an overview of the key findings of the Our Watch Evidence Review and explore the guiding principles and identified challenges and tensions in this work. There will be an opportunity to engage with Shane on the findings and discuss how this research might relate to your own work. This project was funded as part of the Victorian Government’s Free from Violence First Action Plan 2018-2021 commitment to support immediate research to fill critical gaps in knowledge around what works to prevent family violence and violence against women.

‍About the Presenter‍

Shane Tas is Senior Policy Advisor, Masculinities at Our Watch, an independent, national organisation working to prevent violence against women. In this role he has been project lead and author of the Men in Focus report, launched in 2019 by the Victorian government. Men in focus develops a deeper understanding of masculinities and the links to violence against women and examines what is needed to engage men in prevention efforts. Shane also advises on, and helps develop policy responses, campaigns and practice resources relating to masculinities and engaging men and boys in primary prevention. Prior to his role at Our Watch Shane completed a PhD in masculinities studies and worked as a researcher and educator at the University of Melbourne.

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