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The Albury Wodonga Family Law Pathways Network has over 300 members. Membership is free for anyone who wishes to join and is relevant to all professional working across family law, child protection and children and family services. For any professional working either directly or indirectly with separating or separated families, the network is inclusive and belongs to its members.

Members receive bi-monthly e-bulletins and emails about upcoming events. Members also have the opportunity to attend professional development events, as well as network and familiarise themselves with other service providers in the local area.

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FLPN Albury Wodonga Stakeholders & Registration

The Albury-Wodonga FLPN is an inclusive network of organisations and professionals who provide services to separating families. The Network coordinates regionally based meetings, events and conferences for its members. The aim is to support practitioners to work collaboratively, maintain strong working relationships and develop appropriate referral mechanisms, across the broader Family Law system. We seek to achieve the vision by encouraging professionals from the legal sector and the non-legal sector to work together, by providing opportunities to learn and share information.
Resources for clients and professionals seeking services and information for separating families. Become a member of the Albury Wodonga Family Law Pathways Network and contribute to creating a more collaborative family law system. Membership is free and open to any organisation or individual that provides specialist services to separating or separated families, or works in other capacities with these families. The Network is inclusive and belongs to its members. Branch Location: 681 Young Street, Albury NSW 2649


Stakeholders involved may include but are not limited to:

Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia
Family Lawyers
Community Legal Centres
Legal Aid NSW
Family Relationship Service Providers
Family Mediators
Family Violence Services
Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Support Services
Aboriginal Support Services
Family Support Services
Foster Care Services
Mental Health Services
Drug and Alcohol Services
Health Sector
Federal Department of Human Services
Family and Community Services
Aged, Home Care and Disability Services
University Staff/Academics

FLPN Stakeholders


Membership is free. The only criteria are that you work in the family sector and have an interest in maintaining links with others.

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